About us

Veterinarian with more than 20 years of experience in trading and selling veterinary medicines, such as medicines for ornamental and industrial birds, domestic animals and industrial animals, aquatic animals and horses, as well as buying and selling of livestock machinery and equipment And poultry and veterinary, as well as the leader in the sale and sale of concentrates and foods for domestic and industrial animals and consultancy in the field of livestock and poultry farming services.

Activity fields:

:Cooperation and buying and selling products of the following companies

1) In the case of domestic animals:

Trixie , Bosch , Josera , Royal , Vitacraft , Royal , Orlando , Rinti , Animonda , Activa , Meraa

2) In the field of ornamental and domestic birds and poultry:

Xvet, Bohemia , Vitakraft , Hypra , Intervet , Interchemie , Kanters , Chemifarma , Aveve , Alphatech , Kilco , Lohmann , Phytosolution , Miavit , Herbavita , DSM , Versele Laga , Cosima , Cargill , Dopharma , Chevita


3) In the field of horses:

Runvet , Ravene , Bayer , Norbrook , Interchemie , Eurovet , Vetoquinol , Biodep

4 ) In the field of industrial animals:

Hypra , Interchemie , Dutschpharm, Neo , Merial , Urovet , Alphatech , Neolait , Bayer , Chemifarma , Dopharma , Pfizer , Xvet , Ceva , Norbrook , Eerovet , Vetoquinol , Biodep , Miavit , kela

This company    is ready to cooperate with, and to represent, all companies involved in livestock and poultry, aquatic animals, horses and domestic and ornamental animals.
Due to its long experience and experience in the field of medicine, it can work with strength and help to advance the goals of contracting companies and promote their sales around the world.

Holding seminars on veterinary science and industry

Holding exhibition tours for veterinary, livestock and poultry specialists

Providing a bank facility for products buyers, raw materials and machinery in the field of veterinary, livestock and poultry

Buying and exporting products, raw materials and veterinary machines.