Industrial animals

industrial animals

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Runvet , Ravene , Bayer , Norbrook , Interchemie , Eurovet , Vetoquinol , Biodep

ornamental and pet birds

ornamental and domestic birds and poultry

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In the field of Pets

domestic animals

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characteristics of the company

Dr. Ahmadi‘s Tierzubehör GmbH

:Activity fields

.Export and import of all medication ,supplements , food, equipment and supplies for domestic animals and industrial animals

:Manager's Profile

Dr. Mehdi Jahan Ahmadi (D.V.M.)

Steuernummer: 50 / 716 / 01023

Registernummer: HRB 149512


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Holding seminars on veterinary science and industry Holding exhibition tours for veterinary, livestock and poultry specialists Providing a bank facility for products buyers, raw materials and machinery in the field of veterinary, livestock and poultry Buying and exporting products, raw materials and veterinary machines